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About the Founder

Kevin Mitchell Edwards is the Royal Flush Financial Holdings Inc. Vice Chairman, agent and broker. Mr. Edwards currently holds the  life and accident insurance license, accident and health license. Mr. Edwards has passed my anti-money laundering certification exam, corporate and/or government turnaround specialist, business architect, founder, pioneer, inventor, and 100-percent shareholder. In 1981, Mr. Edwards built his empire from scratch with integrity, and it now spans New York, the United States, and the world as a family run, privately owned business. He achieved his success without having to pay a single penny, permanently end and solved poverty economic racism. From Mr. Edwards' current position of success, he wants to literally spread the wealth to anyone willing to do the work. He shows you how to achieve liquidity through efficient enterprising and strong growth opportunities. Mr. Edwards expects you to follow his lead in terms of sincerity, so he will not work with imitation products and/or services. He also retains all licensee fees ownership of any royalty patented products, materials, etc. This approach is to make sure other companies do not steal investment strategies from Royal Flush Financial Holdings Inc. I build a property management financial service and reinvent portfolio indexes for Wall Street Industries.

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